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Andric Portrait

Hey Folks, I’m a Singer/Songwriter from Vienna. As soon as I learned 3 chords, I started to write my own songs. Through the last 15 years I was struggling to find out what I want to do in life, and what to do with my music. I lost track and was caught in a comfort zone. I fought back, but for 8 years I wasn’t able to write a single song. Last year, I finished my camino in Santiago de Compostela after more than 2000 miles. I walked through Austria, Switzerland, France and Spain. Honestly I didn’t have any expectations, just wanted to take some time off. But because of the people I met along the way and the experiences I had, I came back with so much inspiration, I couldn’t stop writing songs. I will publish these songs through the next couple of months and try to play it as much as possible live wherever people want to hear them.